Artisanal Workmanship
The importance, and artistry, of the human touch.

From day one, we knew we must add the human element of creativity and imagination to our dental practice. We should not lose individuality and emotion in our work; originality and creativity are essential.

Our practice was founded to create a new standard of aesthetic dentistry: exceptional craftsmanship, artistry, and attention to detail that result in teeth that look and feel like natural teeth.

Rather than mass producing teeth, our master ceramists carefully create, measure, and paint each tooth. By combining premier technology and materials with the artistry of human hands, we ensure the best fit, form, and function for every patient, every time.

Artistic Precision
Innovative Design
Crafting Your Beautiful Smile

Making cosmetic dentistry an artistic endeavor.

Empire Dental Aesthetics stands for quality and innovation, and nothing typifies this more than our lab work. Our smile artist creates your new look with modern technology and a real eye for detail.

The process of a denture

Planning. Creation. Beauty.

Uncompromising Quality, Art, and Precision

For every patient, every time.

The passion and artistry of the Empire Dental Aesthetics Click to go to the home page team give each procedure that very special something to complement its functional beauty –a soul.

Your smile means something important to the world, and more importantly, to yourself. Thoughts and feelings, beauty and life. Time for oneself and for others –and for the most significant moments in life.

Patient Testimonials

Hear experiences from those visiting Empire Dental Aesthetics

Dr. Husam Almunajed talking with a female patient in the Empire Dental office
Diane A.

He saved me money and pain as well as saving my tooth! I will never see another dentist again except for Dr Husam. He's gentle, takes his time to explain each step of his procedures and truly cares about his patients. 5 stars aren't enough to rate him and his practice!

five stars
Jose Rivero

I have struggled for years with the notion that I would lose teeth and the financial burden was by no means something I could afford to take on. When I met Dr. Husam by chance, it was the best day of my life. I told him my concerns and he worked with me from start to this day. The results have completely changed my life. I am more confident than I have been in years. Having someone who listens to your concerns and who was willing to work with me financially has been a dream come true. The office is bright and full of positive energy. I highly recommend Dr. Husam. He is definitely at the top of his profession.

five stars
Dr. Husam Almunajed talking with a female patient in the office

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