Your perfect smile in less time - without metal.

Want Straight Teeth But Want to Avoid Braces?

Wearing metal braces for 2+ years is unrealistic.

You’re dealing with:

Unsightly metal brackets that anyone can spot – even on Zoom calls.

Metal wires that poke and prod your cheeks, teeth, and gums.

The annoying hassle of food restrictions and keeping your teeth clean.

However, Dr. Husam Almunajed offers an aesthetically appealing alternative – and it’s the most advanced dental aligner system out there.

Invisalign: The clear alternative to a better smile and bite.

Invisalign uses clear, plastic aligners to gradually and comfortably straighten your teeth – metal-free. Through 3D dentistry, our Manhattan cosmetic dentist could straighten your smile in about one-third the time as braces. It fixes many smile issues, including:

Icon of an Overbite
Your upper teeth close in front of your lower teeth.
Icon of a mouth with gapped teeth
Gapped teeth
You have extra space between your teeth.
Icon of an underbite
Your lower teeth overlap your upper teeth.
Icon of a mouth with an open bite
Open Bite
Your top and bottom teeth don’t meet.
Icon of a mouth that's overcrowded
Your jaw isn’t big enough to fit all of your teeth.
Icon of a mouth with a crossbite
Your upper and lower jaw don’t line up.

Why Invisalign Over Braces?

Close up of a smile with Invisalign
Made for New Yorkers

These custom-made aligners were designed to adapt to your busy lifestyle, not the other way around. How?

  • Removable aligners: Enjoy your favorite foods and live life without braces getting in the way.

  • Fewer visits: Instead of visiting the orthodontist to tighten your braces, switch to your new aligners right at home.

  • Comfortable material: Don’t deal with cumbersome brackets and wires. The aligners are smooth on your teeth and gums.

  • Easy oral hygiene: It’s easy to brush and floss your teeth, which lowers the risk of decay and gum disease.

Dr. Husam guarantees an excellent aesthetic result with Invisalign
Fast results with 3D technology

Our iTero Scanner produces 3D digital impressions, offering instantaneous results for shorter appointments and better outcomes.

This means no more:

  • Putty dental trays
  • Nasty taste and gagging associated with traditional impression methods
  • Unpredictable, mediocre results
Dr. Husam guarantees an excellent aesthetic result with Invisalign
A patient reading a magazine in the waiting room
Better self-confidence

Smile without feeling embarrassed about an awkward metal apparatus or issues affecting your smile.

Plus, you could complete treatment within 6-12 months – up to one-third of the time with braces.

Is Invisalign Worth the Investment?

11 million people will tell you, "Yes!" But, let our patient take you through her journey.
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How Invisalign Works with Dr. Husam Almunajed

The Start
Start your Invisalign journey today!

Before starting this treatment, Dr. Almunajed will examine your radiographs and treat any teeth with decay. Then, he will sit down and talk with you about things you might not like about your smile or perhaps an issue he identified with your bite.

Next, photos will be taken of your teeth and smile, along with digital impressions of your upper and lower arches. These records will be sent to our partners at Invisalign®. In two weeks, we'll invite you back to the office to review the ClinCheck.

This amazing 3D simulation will show us estimated treatment time and describe the calculated movements of each tooth. Once approved, your treatment will be shipped out and be at our office in just a few days, and we’ll prepare to start your treatment!

The Process
Dr. Almunajed showing a patient their x-rays

Your next visit will consist of adding small attachments (clear colored buttons) to your teeth to act as anchors during movement. These buttons are specifically designed to turn and push your teeth without being noticeable. Once treatment is complete, these attachments will be removed.

You'll then receive your first set of trays and instructions on how to put them in, remove them, and clean them. We'll schedule your next appointment two weeks later to assess the treatment and give you the next trays.

Generally, we'll see you once every two months until treatment is complete. As long as you wear the trays 22 hours a day, your treatment will be successful.

The Follow-Up
Dr. Almunajed consulting with a patient

Three refinements are included in your treatment plan. A refinement will help tweak the final results, making sure every tooth has achieved our desired movement.

Once alignment is complete, you'll be fitted for retainers, and we'll perform a complete photoshoot of your new smile.

Transforming Smiles All Over
Nedah J.

Best dentist in NYC! Stunning office (inspired by Karl Lagerfeld) from the moment you walk in, and the dedicated service provided is unparalleled.

Dr. Husam is honest, takes his time, and never tries to sell you something you don't need - and he'll be the first to tell you that you don't need it.

He also has the newest technology/products coming from Europe and stays on top of the best and newest practices. So grateful to have found a doctor with integrity.

five stars

Ask Dr. Almunajed

Learn the answers to your top questions about Invisalign.

  • How will Invisalign affect my everyday life?

    Your aligners are custom crafted for your alignment issue. This means they’ll be invisible in place, so you can go about your life without anyone noticing you’re receiving orthodontic treatment.

    If you want to find out if you’re a candidate for Invisalign, call our cosmetic dental office in NYC at (212) 393-4650 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.

  • Are there food restrictions?

    No. You’ll remove the aligners before eating or drinking and then put them back on once done.

  • How long does it take?

    The Invisalign treatment process is customized for each patient.

    The first step involves a full dental exam using 3D digital technology called the iTero digital scanner.

    We’ll use this information to create your custom aligners, and you’ll also see a visual animation of your teeth to see what your new smile will look like before starting treatment.

    With Dr. Almunajed’s artistic eye, he’ll review your treatment and make subtle changes if needed. It typically takes a week for your custom set of Invisalign aligners to be produced and sent back to our office.

  • How long until my teeth are straighten?

    A typical length of time is about 6-12 months. However, more severe misalignment problems may require longer to achieve total smile transformation.

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